Carp are usually the most abundant species in urban environments. While they are actually an invasive species, they are also big, strong, and fun to catch. Known as “the poor man’s bonefish,” they are extremely easy to spook and take skill to catch. Carp are common in urban settings because they can survive in harsher conditions. Urban water is always less than perfect, and carp have a greater tolerance for low oxygen levels and pollutants than most native fish. They are often associated with degraded habitats, including stagnant waters.


See our “Carp on the Fly” article for tips and gear recommendations for fly fishing for carp.

If you bait fish for carp, we recommend worms in winter months, and bait balls in summer months. Fish are less active in cold water, so if they are going to eat, you want it to be the bait with your hook in it. Carp are more active in warm water and the scent of your bait ball will spread further in the warm current and attract more fish.


Please practice Catch & Release in urban settings to preserve these precious resources for other urban anglers.

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