Tiber River

We had a family trip to Rome and I was able to squeeze one day in to fish the Tiber River that runs through the heart of the city.


I was hoping to find some carp or wels catfish in the Tiber but ended up seriously under-gunned with the collapsible poles I was able to fit in my carry-on luggage. I managed to hook up with 2 nice carp but both were able to bulldog through the snags and break the line. The river has wonderful access but you need to find slopes down to the water if you do not have a net to lift em up the short wall to the bike path.

I met locals Marco and Massimo who were eel fishing with 30ft telescoping poles and using maggots as bait. The bobbers kept going down but the eels kept stealing the bait. They did reel in a nice sized bream, and I was able to talk fishing with them through some very broken english. I was able to understand the term “Jeremy Wade.”
I gave them some Urban Anglers USA stickers and they gave me some hooks and maggots to try for eels.

I didn’t get any fish in the net, but the Tiber River is an amazing urban fishery I will be sure to get back to!

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