At Urban Anglers USA we are very passionate both on and off the water about bass fishing and cannot wait for the spring action each year. This photo journal is a short compilation of bass fishing at urban ponds in the city using both bait casting and fly fishing methods. Get out there and explore the local ponds of your city!

Quick tips this spring that have worked for some of the crew at Urban Anglers USA:

• We have had great success at urban ponds when sight casting to specific bass.
• Unlike carp we have also had success making the fly/lure hit the water with more noise and commotion. A lot of the bass have taken the fly/lure on the drop
• Fish your flies/lures in front of the bass with varying retrieve speeds depending on water temps and don’t be afraid to experiment.
• If the bass aren’t interested in your fly/lure, vary the speed of your retrieve first before changing them. Often changing your retrieve and not the fly/lure is a key to getting bass interested.

Don’t forget to hashtag #urbananglersusa on our social media and we will reblog your bass fishing pics!
Please practice Catch & Release in urban settings to preserve these precious resources for other urban anglers.

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