esCARPment Carp on the Fly Tournament
Tournament Coordinator: biolythic

Urban Anglers USA was very proud to be a sponsor of the 1st ever Carp on the Fly tourney in central Texas – esCARPment
Below is a recap of the tourney and some great pics from the participants.

esCARPment 2017

July 8-9, 2017

escarpment (ĭ-skärp’mənt) – noun

1. a long, precipitous, clifflike ridge of land, rock, or the like, commonly formed by faulting or fracturing of the earth’s crust.

2. a totally sick fly fishing tournament happening along the Balcones Escarpment in central Texas.


The inaugural year of esCAPRment did not disappoint though the local conditions were perhaps the most difficult of the year. Despite this many carp were caught and good times were had. Hats off to the anglers that participated.

In total 22 anglers participated. Of these, 8 anglers landed fish (did I mention conditions were very difficult?!). In first place Chase Smith landed 5 carp for a total of 122 inches.  Ryan Schaper took 2nd with 3 carp for a total of 74.5 inches. In 3rd place Eric Julius landed 2 carp for a total of 53 inches with both of his fish being the two largest fish of the tournament securing him the “big fish dutch oven”.

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