Creek Fishing Ohio
By: FlannelsFlasksandFlies

This has been one of those years so far where you think you have a plan but something (mostly Mother Nature) always throws a wrench in there.

Sure, our group of guys would rather be in clear running streams chasing brookies or browns but since we have a huge shortage of mountains in Ohio road trips aren’t always doable. Pretty much all of us have families and basically time is usually limited. That usually leaves us searching any water close to home, and that pretty much means we’re fishing the Hood. Funny thing is that we hardly ever run into people fishing these spots.

You know that little creek that runs through your down town? Chances are, it has plenty of fish swimming in it that have never been hooked. From creek chubs to rock bass, and bass to trout. All swimming around waiting for you. We love targeting any fish on the fly that swims in these spots, but carp have started to win my heart. Most people think that carp are stupid and disgusting but try to catch them on the fly and you’ll soon learn that these fish are extremely smart and can be picky as hell. Best part is that they are extremely adaptable. Thriving in lakes,ponds, rivers and even that little shit ass creek that runs right through downtowns all across America. Get out, adventure close to home, try something new, be safe and most of all, Have fun.
– Doug


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