Ever wonder how an Urban Anglers USA “River Rat” fishing net is made?
We painstakingly researched an developed which fishing nets fit tennis rackets the best, which twine and length is best for stringing, and which size needle is required, but these hard working companies actually put an insane amount of technology into their product to make sure we repurpose the best junk

We are always finding random sporting equipment in the river. Basketballs, baseballs, bats, volleyballs, bowling balls, etc. You name it, we have found it. There must be a community center somewhere upstream that is missing everything ; )

The amount of equipment we have found made a lightbulb go off and we are happy to offer repurposed tennis rackets as Urban Anglers USA River Rat fishing nets. These “River Rats” are legit tennis rackets re-threaded to hold quality rubber netting. The carbon fiber frames are normally only found in high price fishing nets. By using old equipment that would normally end up as trash, we can offer superior strength and quality at a lower price.

• 11″ Deep netting. Perfect for bass and trout, but can also wedge a big carp down in there. Each refurbished racket averages 28″ in total length.

• Original tennis racket graphics and handle wraps. Keeping it as old school as possible. Re-sewn with quality rubber netting.

• Wilson, Head, Prince, and Wimbledon tennis racket brands.


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